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What baseball division's does NWLL offer?

ages below are suggestions--many players "move up" early and play in upper divisions at younger ages**

  • Coach Pitch (4-6 year olds) - Each batter gets four pitches from a coach on their team.  Bases are run station to station.  Kids learn basic baseball rules and how to enjoy the game.
  • Machine Pitch (6-8 year olds) - Players hit from a pitching machine run by a coach.  Outs are made, runs are scored.  Kids refine their ability to track pitches, catch, and throw.  They improve their baseball knowledge so they are ready to move to the minors.
  • Minors (8-10 year olds) - Kids pitch to each other from the mound.  Strikeouts and walks occur.  Stealing bases is introduced.  All Little League rules are implemented and players are improving to make the jump to Majors.
  • Majors (10-12 year olds) - All Little League rules are implemented without restrictions.  Players are talented and capable, work on refining skills previously learned to become better overall baseball players.

What is the cost to play?

The cost for coach pitch players (6 and under) is $50 for the season, for machine pitch and up the cost is $75 for the season.

Are there additional costs?

The only additional cost is to buy “popcorn tickets”. Each family pays $50 for 25 popcorn tickets that they will sell ($2 each) to friends and family. Each ticket is placed in a drawing for the Opening Day Ceremony raffle, where five winners are drawn for fantastic prizes! Even if you don’t win a raffle prize, your ticket stub can be used at our concession stand for a free bag of popcorn!

Do I have to volunteer?

Volunteering at NWLL is not a requirement, but the league does run on the power of volunteers. We are always in need of parents, families, and friends to help with field cleanup, maintenance, coaching, etc!

Do we have to fundraise?

NWLL only has one required fundraiser each year, the popcorn ticket sale.

How many games will be played?

Although weather plays a factor, NWLL makes every effort to follow these guidelines:
Coach Pitch – 10 games, each game lasts 3 innings (60 min. time limit)
Machine Pitch – 12 games, each game lasts 4 innings (1 hr. 45 min. time limit)
Minors – 14 games, each game is 6 innings (1 hr. 45 min. time limit)
Majors – 16+ games, each game is 6 innings (1 hr. 45 min. time limit)

What does my child need to bring to practice and games?

NWLL will provide hats and jerseys to all players, as well as team equipment (catcher’s gear, bats, baseballs). Players are responsible for bringing their own glove and baseball pants. Additionally, players can choose to bring their own USA Standard Bat & catcher’s gear if desired.

Where are games played?

All games for Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch, and Minors players will be held at Defoe Park. Majors players will play the large majority of their games at Defoe Park as well, but will get to experience Interleague Play with Essexville-Hampton Little League. This means that each majors team will play 2 or 3 games in Essexville at their facility. The full game schedule will be available by April 1st

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